Inspection services offered

Siding Verifications

 These inspections verify the type of cladding system installed.

Visual Inspections

 These inspections document everything from installation deficiencies to damage.

Moisture Surveys

These inspections determine if moisture intrusion is occurring and/or has occurred in addition to verifying the condition of the substrate.  These are ideal for EIF Systems, Stucco and Adhered Veneer.

Repair Inspection Verification

After a Siding Verification or Visual inspection has been performed by ECI&C, LLC, and repairs have been performed by a contractor a Repair Inspection Verification can be ordered to verify that the siding system has been repaired in accordance with the manufactures recommendations and/or industry standards as outlined in the Siding Verification or Visual inspection that was previously performed.

Third Party Inspections (QC)

Ideal for new construction and for replacement of the existing siding system(s), the Quality Control inspections consist of periodic on-site visits in specific stages of the exterior siding application documenting the application process and procedures, as well as meeting with the building owner and/or its contractors to discuss industry standards, the siding manufacturer's specifications and issuance of manufacturer's warranty, if applicable.

Periodic moisture survey inspections should be conducted 6 months to 1 year post completion of the QC process, and every two or three years thereafter to ensure integrity of the system.

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