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Exterior Cladding Inspections & Consulting, LLC

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Looking for a Stucco Inspector, or a Stone Veneer Inspector, or maybe an EIFS Inspector? Exterior Cladding Inspections & Consulting, LLC is a Siding Inspection service covering Virginia and surrounding areas. We perform Exterior Siding Inspections services ranging from verifying siding types, visual inspections, to moisture surveys; Either full inspections or limited scope inspections. When the siding system has been improperly installed, or neglected from *regular maintenance including repairs, the potential for moisture intrusion behind the siding increases. If moisture enters behind the siding system and becomes trapped, considerable damage could occur resulting in extensive & costly repairs. Our inspections include documented reports which can be delivered electronically and/or hard copy upon request. Contact us today for a quote. 

*Regular maintenance includes periodic (every two or three years) inspections with repairs as needed.